Tuesday, 10 April 2012


This is just a chance for my so say Hey really! I've spent the last few years watching Guru's on youtube and reading beauty and Fashion Blogs, and it has always been something I've considered doing myself. Fashion is my hobby and I see this as away of doing something productive and creative whilst doing something I really enjoy. 

So a few things about me :) I am currently at Sixth form and am just about to take my A2 exams, I hope to achieve good grades in order to go to UNI next year and I intend to study English and History. I love reading, if I was aloud I would spend all of my time curled up into a good book. I have a part time job as a sales assistant in a popular high street shop and I love it. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with my friends and most of this time this means hitting the town haha :). 

I don't expect big things from this blog, in all honesty it just gives me something to do and procrastinate from revision bleugggh :P


Stay Forever Stylish,

Cher xo


  1. congratulations for your new blog! Hope you enjoy it :)
    I invite you to know mine, hoping you like it!!



  2. Lovely little post! welcome to the blogging world haha! you'll be addicted to writing posts in no time. Following your blog hun, check out mine? :) x

  3. you have such a lovely smile.
    good luck on your blog!!